Brochures with a Purpose | Trinity Law School

It seems like just about every client wants to stand out. Isn’t that the point of marketing materials? To rise above the crowd so your potential customers will take notice? Trinity Law School wanted the same thing, except what caught our attention is that they wanted to have a purpose… a greater purpose. They want to be more than an average law school, there are hundreds of those. They want potential students to see that they are a distinctively Christian law school helping their students fulfill their calling. The calling of justice in a world filled with injustices, whether that’s a social injustice, like human trafficking; religious injustices, like people being persecuted for their faith (regardless of beliefs) or domestic injustices, like abuse.

Our job is to help communicate that mission to potential students in a way that makes them stop and take notice. This oversized brochure or view book is anything but a stuffy conservative Christian publication. We wanted the content to bold yet informative. Simple clear communication seems to be rare in academia, who look like they are trying to shove most information they possibly can on a page. The team at Trinity were a huge support in removing superfulous content that got in the way of our goal – communicate what is Trinity about and how to apply.