Richard MacDonald 25: The First Twenty Five, Fine Art Exhibition

It is tempting to overuse the word ‘energy’ when discussing Richard MacDonald. The man himself, his work, the indomitable challenges he has stared down in the course of his career, his models, his subject matter—the very material of bronze itself, emerging from the fiery crucible, glows with energy. The first twenty five years of Richard MacDonald’s crusade to reimagine figurative sculpture for our time is a story of will, focus, and relentless, unstoppable movement forward.

The Exhibition is an attempt to the display the artist’s achievements while foreshadowing the future. Reddoor helped develop the concept of the exhibition while creating all exhibition graphics and customizing them to multiple gallery installations. From large image panels down to small name plaques for the individual pieces, this is a complete branded traveling exhibition. It wouldn’t have been possible without the creative energy and vision of our client.

Exhibition at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas:

RM 25 Exhibition Bellagio 01
RM 25 Exhibition Bellagio 03
RM 25 Exhibition Bellagio 02
RM 25 Exhibition Bellagio 11
RM 25 Exhibition Bellagio 09
RM 25 Exhibition Bellagio 05

Exhibition at the City Center in Las Vegas:

RM 25 Exhibition City Center 05
RM 25 Exhibition City Center 05
RM 25 Exhibition City Center 02