Blu Domain, Simple Yet Powerful: Branding and Web Design

Blu Domain is a high energy web template and hosting service primary targeting the photography industry. The company is more of a family of hardworking people trying their best to create great web templates that visual people will love! They are passionate for sure. They needed a brand and website design that says that but is somewhat style neutral since they produce a wide variety of styled designs for their web templates.

Blu Domain Website Design
Our solution for Blu, is a simple yet bold black and white design that had a fluid accent color system. Meaning, primarily the design would be black and white with one accent color that could change with the whim of the wind and style gurus. That way the color could adapt to any situation never clashing with the environment it needed to live in, whether promoting a new template, online ad, or even a trade show exhibit.

Every season we update the color palette to keep things fresh. Here are the last three seasons color palettes and how they correspond to different sections of the website:

Spring 2013


Winter 2013


Fall 2013


Here is how this fluid accent color system was implemented throughout the design of the site: